Squatting Should Be the Foundation of Your Fitness Routine

If you’ve ever been into a properly outfitted fitness center, you’ve seen those giant metal cages that line the walls of the weight lifting area. Those cages are called squat racks and they are where amazing bodies are made. Squatting is one of the most revered workout maneuvers in the entire fitness world but few people are willing to give them a shot. Why are people resistant to squatting? For starters, it is a maneuver that can lead to injury if not practiced properly. Additionally, squatting is just difficult to do. So, with those two downsides, why are people looking to squatting to chisel their bodies?

Impact & Benefits of Squatting

Squatting is one of the most important exercises out there if your goal is to build muscle, trim fat, and improve your explosive movements. Squatting takes a lot of work to get right but once you get there, oh boy does it feel good. Armed with a pair of quality squatting shoes, provided from places like www.ryderwear.com/collections/weightlifting-shoes, you’ll be ready to step into the squat rack in order to get to work. Once you are inside of that squat rack, a whole world of benefits will open their doors to you. Let’s highlight a few of the most important benefits of squatting below.

Full Body Exercise

Squatting is an exercise that can be done almost entirely by itself. What we mean by that is this: squatting is a full body workout that improves your strength and muscle build on every part of your frame. Squatting works out your back, your legs, and your core. You’ll build a strong lower body while trimming your upper body at the same time.

Squatting Is Healthy

When you squat correctly, your body releases masses of human growth hormone and testosterone. These two body chemicals are integral to growing your body in a healthy and muscular direction. Building muscles will help with controlling diabetes, obesity, and potential cardiovascular disease. You can get these health benefits from squatting light or heavy weights, so don’t feel compelled to try and bend the bar!

Improve Flexibility

As you grow older and stiffer due to age, you’ll wish that you spent more time in the squat rack! Squatting is vital to improving your mobility and flexibility. Thanks to the way that your body stretches to accept the exercise, you’ll always be keeping your body limber. You’ll be able to stretch better while avoiding potentially serious injuries that other people will be more beholden to. Additionally, you’ll even have better posture at the end of the day. It’s true! Squatting helps you fix your posture which can lead to an array of other physical benefits.

Squatting is a tough exercise, there’s no doubt about it. You need to spend time studying form and working your way up for light weights to heavier weights. Once you’ve build a foundation of squatting experience, you’ll be able to make it the cornerstone of your workout.

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