A man’s guide to selecting the right jewellery

For a long time, jewellery was something that men rarely wore. Even in recent years, it was unlikely to see a man sporting another form of jewellery aside from maybe a wedding band and watch. However, jewellery for men is quickly becoming a popular fashion statement providing it is worn in the correct way. Here’s how you can choose the right jewellery for the occasion.

Start small

If you like the idea of wearing jewellery but you’re not sure where to begin, the best option is to start small. Keep it simple with a classic watch before making your office wear more stylish with some statement cufflinks. From there, you can expand your collection to include a simple ring or even a necklace.

Special pieces

A piece of jewellery is not just a fashion statement; it is commonly worn as a significant item that has personal meaning. The wedding band is the most obvious example; however, the rise of management rings may also see the man following the conventional female tradition of adding an engagement ring too.

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When to wear jewellery

There are some occasions where jewellery may not be appropriate, especially in places of work. However, many men will be able to keep their look smart by adding one of two statement pieces. If you work in an office, a classic silver watch pairs perfectly with Farah shirts, such as those found here https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah. You can even add cufflinks and a tie clip for a touch more elegance when meeting important clients.

Match your jewellery

If you do decide to go for more than once piece, it’s important to match the metal tone to avoid it looking messy. The most popular tones tend to be gold and silver, and with a huge range of jewellery available in these colours, it makes it easy to match. Think about the colour schemes that you usually wear; earth tones work well with gold whilst black, white and grey pair up best with silver, which can also include chrome and stainless steel. Don’t worry too much if your wedding band doesn’t match perfectly with the rest of your jewellery; this is one of those meaningful pieces that can be worn at any time.

Once you feel comfortable, you will find that the world of jewellery will open up much more.


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