Fashion Tips for the Muscular Man

With health and fitness being at the foremost of most men’s minds these days, dressing for a muscular physique has become crucial. Take a look at these fashion tips for muscular men and discover a whole new way to look good.

Natural and Neutral

If you’re large in stature, you’re already going to command attention, so if you don’t want to come over too overbearing, stick to neutral shades or natural colours. Shades of cream, grey, and blue work really well and are very classy.

Tailored Fit

If you’ve been working out, the chances are your clothes may need a few alterations to fit perfectly. A great physique comes with challenges, and a good tailor can ensure that your clothes fit properly and don’t sag or bag in the wrong places or don’t pull too tight in others.

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Light Layers

You don’t need to layer up to look bigger, so you’re lucky. Farah shirts like those at can be worn on their own, and if you do wear a knit, make sure it is a light one. If you do want to layer, do so with lighter garments and avoid thick fabrics that are weighty.

Slim-Fit Pants

We are not suggesting skinny jeans, but we are suggesting that you stick to slim-leg pants rather than those with a wider leg. Wide legs make you look wider, and they can also make you look shorter too. This isn’t a great idea if you have a big build but don’t have height on your side, as you may end up looking squat.

Pick a Brand

Some brands are designed for men who look more like Mark Wahlberg, so spend some time shopping around and see which labels work best for you. In time, you’ll find that some brands are simply designed for your body, while others don’t accommodate your size. Don’t shop by size either, as an XL in one brand may not be the same as the XL in another.

Key Items

Every wardrobe needs a few key items, and if you have a bigger build you’ll need to determine what these are and maximize their potential. Well-fitted jackets, pants that sit perfectly or t-shirts that don’t bunch up over your muscles are just a few of the staples that you need to invest in.

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