Top 8 natural ingredients in Korean skincare products

Korean skincare has become the fastest growing market with all new and natural skincare ingredients. The best Korean skincare brands have superb natural ingredients from the common ones to the weirdest ones. K-beauty is considered as the never-ending innovation in skincare.

The K-beauty industry is such a gentle and amazing engineer product to give astonishing results. The ingredients used in these products are impressively beneficial to achieve healthy, beautiful and glass-like skin.

This K-beauty guide covers the top 8 natural skin care ingredients used in the best Korean skincare brands:

1.     Red Algae:

Red Algae have remarkable antioxidant properties that provide a soothing effect to your skin. This Alga goes through a fermentation process that is used to extract actives without compromising its skin, protecting benefits.

2.     Brown Sugar:

The small granules of brown sugar are used for exfoliation to slough the dead skin cells. Its use is helpful to avoid acne also. Brown sugar granules draw moisture from the environment and moisturize skin. This ingredient is best for dry and acne-prone skin.

3.     Licorice Root:

This is an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin. Glabridin in Licorice root protects the skin from sun damage, stops skin darkening process, and fights against scars, hyper-pigmentation, and dark spots.

4.     Mugwort:

Mugwort is full of Vitamin A and C, and it is used for reparative, calming, and soothing every type of skin. This miraculous ingredient performs reverse damage for environmental aggression, brightens skin, and tame breakouts.

5.     Calendula Extract:

This ingredient has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-0inflammatory properties. It is effective for skin dealing with sensitivity and eczema. This extract of marigold flowers soothes and moisturizes skin and gives a fantastic glow.

6.     Snail Mucin:

This star ingredient is the thick liquid that a slimy snail leaves behind. It has glycolic acid in it that removes fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and heal it. It also has antimicrobial properties and hyaluronic acid peptides that provide hydration to the skin.

7.     Green Tea:

With EGCG antioxidant Green Tea is the ingredient that helps dying skin cells to rejuvenate and deals effectively with the signs of ageing. It is rich in Vitamin B2 that fights against inflammation, redness, acne, and reverses the ageing process.

8.     Propolis:

Propolis is the compound produced by bees. This powerful natural ingredient is beneficial for every other skin issue. It increases collagen to give fresh and younger-looking skin, fights against acne, and provide glowing skin. This ingredient generally suits every skin type.

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