When it comes to skincare I believe less is more.  Having great, healthy skin is where it all starts.  I use these products as part of my daily beauty regimen as well as follow a healthy lifestyle, which I feel is what helps my skin the most.

  1. Cleanse- I use both Purpose and Cetaphil- Purpose removes makeup more than Cetaphil does so I use Purpose to wash my face in the evening.
  2. Scrub- my friend Jill works for Rodan & Fields and turned me on to this product. It leaves your skin so smooth and gives you that dewy look I love.  Every time I use this product (3 times a week) my skin glows.
  3. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic- I have been using this for years and when I don’t use it I see the difference in my skin. This serum provides antioxidant protection to prevent premature aging.
  4. Moisturizer- Oil of Olay SPF 15 sensitive skin.
  5. Aquaphor- I am obsessed with Aquaphor. I lather it on my face morning and evening.  It helps make my skin look moisturized and dewy.
  6. Daily Green Juice- I have a green juice daily. I will post my favourite recipe so look out for that.  I noticed a huge change in my skin when I started juicing 3 years ago.  I call it the “veggie glow.”
  7. Eos- love this lip moisturizer. My favourite flavour is strawberry.
  8. Water- Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking best. Also working out and sweating will make your skin glow.
  9. Make-up Removing Wipes- I have tried so many products to remove makeup and I found these to be the best. They are also great if you have sensitive skin like myself.
  10. Jergens Natural Glow- I use this daily to give my skin a bronzed glow. It is very subtle and won’t stain your clothes. I use the fair to medium skin tone colour.

So there we go girls. Get this right and you won’t have to hide behind a hat and your large Ray-Ban Sunglasses anymore!

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