Firefighter Kilt; Keep Yourself Cool While On Hard Jobs

Do you know that the kilts are a symbol of honor for Scottish people?

Kilts are known as the National dress of Scotland. Be it a wedding kilt or leather kilt Scottish people wear it with pride and honor. But what type of kilt can be worn at rescue work? Firefighter kilt is designed to honor the firefighters.

A kilt is not just a garment. It is the sacred symbol of patriotism for Scottish people, so make sure you wear it with pride and honor.

Kilts designed for rescue workers:

A kilt is the national garb of Scotland, as already discussed above. There are different types of kilts available out there, such as leather kilts, utility kilts, tartan kilts, and tactical kilts, etc. But the best part is that there is a kilt that is specially designed to honor the rescue workers and firefighters. There is a myth about kilts that Scottish people wear nothing under a kilt.

This can’t be true. Imagine a firefighter climbing on the ladder and wearing nothing under a kilt. No one wants to be embarrassed, so Scottish people wear undergarments beneath a kilt.

One thing that is necessary to mention is no matter you belong from Scotland or not; you should respect the dress. It is not just a piece of the garment; it is the national dress that showcases their pride and respect. If you do not belong to Scotland and plan to wear it, then consult your Scottish friend to learn the etiquettes to wear a kilt.

Scottish firefighter kilt accessories:

Scottish kilt looks great when you wear it with kilt accessories. Most sellers have made kilt accessories available at their stores so that you can buy a complete kilt outfit from one place. Now the question arises that can you wear accessories with a firefighter turnout kilt. Well, the answer is yes. Here are a few accessories that can be worn with the Scottish kilt:

  • Kilt pin:

Firefighters wear kilts on hard duties, so they need to secure the open edges. The kilt pin is a jewelry that adds weight to the open edge. Do not fix the kilt pin to both layers of the kilt.

  • Belts:

Kilt belts are worn for decorative purposes and are an important part of traditional highland dress. Though it not mandatory to wear belts with the kilt, the firefighters have to wear it as the department name and logo are embodied on their belts.

  • Flashes:

Kilt flashes are the brightly colored strips made from cotton or wool. They are also used for decorative purposes, but make sure that they match with the tartan you are wearing.


A kilt is the traditional dress of highlanders, and they are worn for centuries. No matter you are wearing it as day to day attires or on some special occasion, make sure you wear it with respect and pride. The best part is that you can buy the firefighter kilts online too. So, without further ado, order your custom Made Utility kilt and rock your look.

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