5 Heartfelt Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If a close friend is expecting a baby, it won’t be long before you start searching for baby shower gift ideas to welcome the new mom in town. It’s your close friend, and so, you’d want it to be more or less like a surprise. You know she’ll need several pieces of onesies, but she got that already. So, why not get her something different.

When you’re shopping for baby shower gifts, it’s important to keep both the mom and the baby in mind. So, as you buy little one’s gifts, you could also pick something useful to the mom.

Here are some creative baby shower gift ideas for you.

Cute Functional Diaper Bag

Diaper changing is going to be part of a daily routine for the new mom. They’ll need to carry a few diaper pieces wherever they go. It’s possible that they already have one, but there’s no harm in getting them an extra one. Only that now you have to get something unique and functional. A waterproof backpack with extra storage pockets would be a good pick. To make it even better, get one with a trendy shade of blue (for a baby boy) or pink (for a baby girl).

Personalized Baby Blanket

The mom to be may have purchased some baby blankets already, but you can always make it unique. Instead of buying a blanket decorated with teddy bears, go for a more personalized one. A baby blanket with the baby’s name printed on it is a special gift to the mom. Wrapping the baby in a blanket with its name on it makes you feel they’re the rightful owner of the blanket. Even if the baby outgrows it, the mom can keep it as a souvenir.

Rocking Chair

As we said earlier, it’s important to keep the mom in mind when buying baby shower gifts. A comfortable rocking chair would be a perfect gift for the new mom. Since they’re going to sit for longer hours nursing and feeding the little one, their backs need to be comfortable. With a rocking chair, parenting is made easier for the mom. Just ensure you get one that’s well-positioned and durable enough to be used across generations. While buying online, you might visit exterior decorating ideas.

Changing Table

While a changing table may not be included in the baby furniture necessities, it’s a useful piece for the new mom. Having a separate spot for diaper changing is a relief to the mom. To make it more functional, you can get a changing table with drawers so that the mother has extra storage for a few onesies or diaper pieces. At least with this, it’s easier to handle a diaper mess with so much ease.

Parenthood Books

Parenthood is a mystery, and for a new mom, there’s always something new to learn. By getting the mom books on parenting, they’ll be able to address their concerns. Most parenthood books give ideas on how to take care of the needs of the little one. They educate you on the baby basics that otherwise may be difficult to figure out on your own.

With these tips, you’re well set for the upcoming baby shower.

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